Friday, April 29, 2011

Hi people. We're on what we call a "staff outing", so I'm sitting in a cutesy little cabin in Hot Springs on Wi-fi :)

This is gonna be short.

This is my life for the last month.

- Audrey came for about a week. That was very fun and we were able to catch up on sister time.
- Kevin and Ryan came for a long weekend. We went to Mt. Rushmore and bombed around one day and had a lot of fun then, too.
- Kevin brought out my gun and bought me a prairie dog license. Prairie dog hunting was definately one of the biggest highlights of the last month.
- We're wrapping up school. We have 10 days left, and one of those is a field trip. Can't believe it's already almost done. God has been so faithful so supply me with the strength and patience it takes to teach. It seems that patience is a continual struggle for me, but I pray the students can take things from this school year that will help them to grow into strong Christian men and women.
- Hm. Well that's about all I think I'm gonna write for this time. Love y'all. Thanks for all your prayers. Laura

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