Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Psalm 13:5-6 “But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation. I will sing to the Lord, for he has been good to me.”

Truly, God HAS been good to me…in more ways than I can even imagine. As I look back over the past months, I can see so many instances where God has stuck by my side and proved his unfailing love and faithfulness. I trust He has been doing the same for each of you. What a mighty God we serve!

As I write this, the night wind is howling outside. In SC, strong wind always meant a storm, but here it has become almost a peaceful sound. The weather is warming up and today we worked outside all day on our volleyball court. We’re digging out the hard dirt/gravel/glass and hauling in sand from the river. It should be really nice soon! It was a gorgeous day…..bright blue sky and warm sunshine. The sun is a very welcome sight after our loooong winter…I was looking about as white as something on a Clorox commercial.

School ended on May 13. That evening was our awards banquet where we give each student a diploma and have supper for their families. It’s pretty much like a program. We sang a few songs and gave out some different awards. I can’t believe school is already over. We had a lilypad number line in our classroom. Each day we would put a paper frog on the next number to keep track of how many days of school we had. I distinctly remember looking at that frog on day 38 and thinking,” This is never, ever gonna get over!” Well, waddayaknow…..it did! While school wasn’t all peaches-n-cream, I miss it and I will always look back on the past 9 months as time well spent. I learned a lot, and I guess that’s what life is all about.

We had a tiny little field day at school. The weather didn’t permit us to do much other than a few races and an indoor obstacle course. Nate, the principal, set it up with furniture from our thrift sale. It was hilarious J

Now that school is over, we will clean and reorganize there then begin to get ready for VBS in June. I think it starts on the 10th or somewhere around there. Lord willing, I’ll fly to Mississippi on the 17th to be at my friend’s wedding then hitch a ride back to SC. My mom and dad are planning to drive me back out here after we drive to Pennsylvania the next weekend for another wedding.

I’m very thankful I can stay here through the summer. The warmer weather and summer vacation opens up so many more opportunities. I’m not sure what all we’ll be doing, but I’m very excited! Towards the end of summer vacation, we’ll be getting ready for VBS in Mobridge. We’ve never done it there before, so it will take some extra work.

Today I got accepted for first term at SMBI which starts in the middle of September. So, Lord willing, I’ll also be doing that. Tomorrow morning we’re planning to leave for Rapid. Shopping is fun, but eating at a restaurant is always my favorite part of the day and I can hardly wait! Seeing all these plans and stuff written out makes me just want to just crawl in bed and go to sleep, so that’s exactly what I’m gonna doJ Goodnight.


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